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if i could find a place were burdens could fade
you'd be a payphone away from the mess that i made
but I don't care if your beautiful lips exist out there
i'm still wonderless why you didn't begin to care

if i could know a time when i wasn't to blame
then i could run away for you every now and again
but when you kill the conversation and wrap up the knife
i'm still wonderless why you are still alive

if i could rearange every single memory that exists
you'd be a murderer and i would be at the top of your list
and we should get back to when we were in collision
but i'm still wonderless why you took that decision

if i could find a place where I could keep you safe
then you'd be just a doorknock away from that place
and i don't care if your unwilling to give it a try
i'm still wonderless why you won't try to be mine
inspired by pierce the veil - wonderless and life...
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September 4, 2010
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